Brush Pens

Our extensive range of brush pens covers twist, push button and our new patented shut off valve system offering maximum airtight protection.

2.85ml plastic push button pen with adaptor for interchanging head

Product Reference: RF14IJ

Cosmopak is the market leader in flow pens and was the first company to sell them in the USA in 1997. This classic design is widely used in the cosmetic industry as a lip gloss or concealer applicator pen and this version, released in 1999, is one of our best selling items. The base push button is simple to operate and gives great control to the user: simply push the button 2-3 times and wait for the formula to flow to the applicator. Available with a variety of applicators from brushes for lip and eyeliners, silicone applicators with multiple holes and shapes or interchangeable needles for a more precise application. The push-button pen series is one of the most effective and precise delivery systems on the market.

Additional information

Dimensions 126 × 12 cm

Potential Markets

Haircare Haircare
Make Up Make Up
Skin Care / Body Care Skin Care / Body Care
Suncare Suncare
Length: 126mmWidth: 12mmDiameter: 12mmCapacity: 2.85mmMaterial Cap: PPMaterial Barrel: PP, POM, ABS