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Author: cosmopak October 30, 2016

1derBROW Mascara Pen

Developed over the last 5 years, our revolutionary patented mascara pen incorporates a super light and luscious formula in an airtight, simple twist pen.

Our micro flex applicator can be made in any color, while the super flexi applicators separate lashes without causing irritation and lightly coat the lash with bulk. Our 3rd party testing has proven this design reduces presence of bacteria inside pen in comparison to standard mascaras in a bottle Brush does not dry out under normal storage conditions, stays moist.


  • Available in variety of colors in a super light, fast drying texture.
  • Twist the base to deliver mascara to brush, simple twist application, easy to use.
  • Light formula is perfect for layering and building density on lashes, can contain peptides for lash growth.
  • Extra fast drying bulk coupled with the patented comb separates and defines lashes.
  • Airtight pen increases shelf life of bulk, it lasts longer.
  • Built in wiper ensures the correct amount of bulk stays on the comb.

Capacity : 4g
Material : PP
US Patent: 8,360,673 ; 8,360,674 and 8,801,315
Made in the USA